GLAM'S ® 1.7 oz. e 50ml/bottle

The Best Botox Alternative!
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Youth skin without side effects and painless

GLAM'S has a Botulinum toxin like effect, with the difference that Botulinum Toxin paralyze the muscles and GLAM'S acts merely as muscle relaxant directly at the end of the nerves.


Through a targeted relaxation, the wrinkles get smoother and formation of new lines will be prevented. The additional refilling properties of highly dosed 40% of hyaluronic acid, makes the skin tight and youthful.


Enriched with 10% Argireline, GLAM'S contains an active anti wrinkle agent, with a slightly transparent and gelatinous texture.


This formulation ensures the complete development of the agents. Combined to agents like hyaluronic acid and red seaweed extracts, GLAM'S offer to the customers a treatment against premature skin aging and a active wrinkles action. The skin obtains protection from free radicals, acceleration of cell reformation and improvement of elasticity.


Injection free and without cosmetic surgeries.


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